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where we are now

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we’re now in the final process of post-production with Borges and I and are getting it ready to send to festivals. We’ve had such positive feedback from everyone who has seen it and now its getting ready to go out into the world we’re of course nervous but eager to find out how people respond.

we’re going to be exploring ways of getting the film out there and starting a conversation so if you have suggestions ideas or just comments drop us a line.

in the meantime we thought we’d share a a recent article in the National Post about a new illness called Truman Show Delusion which is very relevant to our film

Joel and Ian Gold, brothers and psychiatrists from Montreal, believe they have discovered a signature mental illness of the YouTube era: patients who claim they are subjects of their own reality TV shows.

They have named the malady the “Truman Show Delusion,” and though they are in the process of putting together a medicalpaper on the topic, their discovery is already causing a stir.

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